Proked Akademi

Proked Akademi has always adopted an innovative approach in the services provided and is deeply committed to reliability and stability as principle.

Organization Management

Corporate organizations with no risk of failure, are type of organizations that demand special attention and effort while representing the status and corporate capacity of institutions and companies.

Strategic Plan Preparation

We are planning and preparing your creation with the professional team of Proked Academy

Proked Akademi

Proked Akademi, Project Organization Corporate Training Consultancy; is an organization that provides event and consultancy services for the purpose of developing human resources and increasing the corporate capacities of institutions and organizations operating in the private sector and public sector, and has adopted innovation as a principle.

Proked Akademi, which continues to serve with a wide range of more than 700 freelance and external experts, has an access to the widest and steadily expanding network in the sector.


We successfully provide event and consultancy services for the development of corporate and human capital of institutions and organizations.

Organization Management
Project Management and Implementation
Strategic Plan Preparation
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Why Proked Akademi?

We have achieved success in a short time and have been preferred by many institutions and organizations.
We offer the most suitable solutions for your needs with our dynamic and flexible structure.
We believe that cost-effective solutions are possible in event and consultancy services.
We prioritize working with high capacity in order to set our own agenda independently.
Innovation, being systematic and reliable are our indispensable principles.

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