Organization Management

Corporate organizations with no risk of failure, are type of organizations that demand special attention and effort while representing the status and corporate capacity of institutions and companies.

Therefore, attempting to manage corporate organizations with an ordinary team which lacks the necessary experience may lead to status loss of your institution or company.

Proked Akademi, with its team of experts and experienced staff considers every detail for you and carries out your organizations on your behalf.

Organizational services provided by Proked Akademi are listed below:

Organization Management

Proked Akademi, with its team of experts and experienced staff considers every detail for you and carries out your organizations on your behalf.

Necessities and Stakeholder Analysis

Proked Akademi gets in contact with all the relevant stakeholders for the purpose of identifying all the necessities required for elevating the efficiency and productivity of the organization with respect to the mission of your institution or company, hence making sure that your stakeholders share an active role in the process right from the beginning.

The efficiency and productivity of your organization elevates based on these stakeholder interactions, surveys and other analyses.

Planning Process

Your process plan must be well prepared in order to achieve your goals with success. However, this process is usually not well planned due to drawbacks such as insufficient budget, human resources or timing. Supported by the preliminary studies done by Proked Akademi, the operation and timing plan as well as the organization budget is completed based on the needs and special conditions of your institution or company and stakeholders.

One thing to always keep in mind is that an organization can never be fast, cheap and successful, all at the same time. With the experience of Proked Akademi, a fast and successful organization can be planned by utilizing your budget at the highest level of efficiency.

Stakeholder Information and Announcement Process Management

The value of an event is determined by the level of engagement of the participants. In order for your organization to have the impact you anticipate, participants must be fully informed about the entire process.

Starting from the preliminary preparation stages, Proked Akademi keeps all stakeholders informed throughout the process by means of official letters, SMS, e-mails and phone calls, updating them even about the slightest changes.

This protects both the participants and you from encountering any surprises.

Reception and Accommodation Services

Time is of great value for both you and the participants. We are fully aware of the fact that you want to achieve several outputs in your organization within a short period of time.

Providing a prompt transfer of your local or international participants to the organization area as well as making sure that they eventually get a good rest in their comfortable rooms after a tiring day are among the factors that should be taken into serious consideration in order to get the expected outputs from the organization.

With the consultancy services provided by Proked Akademi on the day of the organization and the transportation and accommodation service providers that Proked Akademi are cooperating with, you can receive the reception and accommodation services suitable for your budget at very affordable prices.

Auxiliary Personnel Services

Any possible problem that may arise during the organization is minimized by the registration desk, information desk, guidance and orientation provided by the experienced team of Proked Akademi.

The process starts with the registration of the participants where they are given notepads, pen and bag with your company logo as well as session schedules and agendas. In case needed, the greeting hostess service is provided by the friendly Proked Akademi team.

Recording Services

As you know, the palest ink is better than the sharpest memory. All participant information, sessions, forms, audio and visuals and photographs are recorded in detail throughout the entire organization so that you would benefit the most from the results of the event.

In order to respond to your needs in the best way possible, the recordings are deciphered and presented as a report.

Analysis and Reporting Services
In order to measure our service quality and how much the organization has achieved your goals as well as the participant satisfaction, the effectiveness of the organization is measured in detail with studies such as surveys and one-to-one interviews after the event and the results are presented in a detailed Assessment Analysis Report with graphics, figures and pictures.