Proked Akademi has always adopted an innovative approach in the services provided and is deeply committed to reliability and stability as principle.

Proked Akademi, Project Organization Corporate Training Consultancy; is an organization that provides event and consultancy services for the purpose of developing human resources and increasing the corporate capacities of institutions and organizations operating in the private sector and public sector, and has adopted innovation as a principle.

Proked Akademi, which continues to serve with a wide range of more than 700 freelance and external experts, has an access to the widest and steadily expanding network in the sector.

Corporate Identity

We are known for our delicate, dedicated and high-quality work. The bond established between our talented and highly trained experts and our customers is our most important strength.

We act as a bridge between theory and practice for our customers and strive to develop new approaches focused on knowledge and quality.

We want to offer new perspectives to our customers and to accomplish sustainable improvements for them.


To implement our service quality as the industry standard without compromising our principle of innovation.

Why Proked Akademi?

We have achieved success in a short time and have been preferred by many institutions and organizations.
We offer the most suitable solutions for your needs with our dynamic and flexible structure.
We believe that cost-effective solutions are possible in event and consultancy services.
We prioritize working with high capacity in order to set our own agenda independently.
Innovation, being systematic and reliable are our indispensable principles.

Our Event and Consultancy Services

We successfully provide event and consultancy services for the development of corporate and human capital of institutions and organizations.
Event Topics
  • Law No. 4734 on Public Procurement
  • Law No. 4735 on Public Procurement Contracts
  • Law No. 5018 on Public Financial Management and Control Law
  • Establishment Procedures and Management of Municipal Companies, their audit by Court of Accounts and 3G Exemption Article
  • Legal Obligations in Municipal Companies
  • Capital Increase and Amendment of Articles of Association in Municipal Companies
  • General Assembly in Municipal Companies
  • Ministry of Customs and Trade Inspection of Municipal Companies
  • Zoning Law
  • Spatial Address Registration System (MAKS)
  • Urban Transformation Training
  • Municipal Legislation Training
  • Marketing and Sales Techniques Training
  • General Accounting Training
  • Financial Statement Analysis Training
  • Official Correspondence Rules, EBYS Archive Management
  • Effective Report Writing Techniques Training
  • Feasibility Report Preparation Training
  • Public Speaking Training
  • PCM – Project Cycle Management, PRAG Procurement Guidelines
  • Internal Control, Internal Audit and Risk Assessment
  • Successful Presentation and Effective Expression Methods
  • Body Language and Effective Communication
  • Corporate Identity and Quality Management
  • Leadership, Teamwork and Motivation
  • Anger Management and Stress Management
  • Strategic Planning and Strategic Plan Preparation
  • Media Relationship Management
  • Digital Media Management Training
  • Debate Techniques Training
  • Innovation
  • Social Media Management Training
  • Public Relations
  • Human Resources Training
  • Individual and Corporate Image Management
  • Event and Organization Management
  • Social Behavior and Protocol Rules
  • Foreign Trade
  • Urge Projects
  • Start Up
  • Grow Up

It is very important for us to make you feel the advantages of working with us while offering our services. Therefore, we manage all processes flawlessly with our expert trainers, consultants and solution partners. Please contact us for further information about the services we offer as listed below.

  • Project Management and Implementation for EU Funds and Development Agencies
  • Field Research
  • Corporate Organization Management
  • Strategic Planning and Program Development
  • Preparation of Research and Feasibility Reports
  • Corporate Identity
  • Tender Consultancy
  • Internal Control, Internal Audit and Risk Assessment Services

Proked Akademi carries out Professional Coaching services delicately and with great dedication, enabling you to reach your personal or corporate goals in a pleasant way. We are happy to accompany you on this path and share your success.

  • Sales coaching
  • Career coaching
  • Employee Coaching
  • Individual coaching
Cooperative Consultancy
  • Fundamentals of cooperatives “Roadmap to success together”
  • Types of cooperatives and how to establish a cooperative?
  • Co-operative founders, management and organization
  • Key success criteria for cooperatives (with examples from the world)
    • Local opportunities for cooperation
    • Environmental conditions of cooperation
    • Business cycle in cooperatives (with practice and examples)
  • Strong decisions and business planning for sustainable cooperatives
  • Cooperative strategy and financial management * “How will we win? How will we evaluate?

Financial resources, fundraising and resource use in cooperatives

  • Skill development for success
    • Good management and cooperative human resources management
    • Collaboration methods and teamwork
    • Who should we work with? Anatomy of Cooperative HR
    • Strong decision-making mechanism

Duties, powers and responsibilities

  • What should we produce and sell?
    • Creating product and service inventories in cooperatives
    •  The charm of locality and new business ideas

Creative practices in cooperatives, * Product development and design thinking Commercialization adventure (Successful examples from the world and Turkey) * Methods of creating potential from local and natural resources * Value added applications

  • The most correct organization methods and practices of cooperatives that affect the success in collective work (with examples)

* Use of personal, qualifications, skills, abilities in cooperative activity * Improving performance with subconscious concepts and affirmation techniques that prevent success * Leadership and managerial intelligence practices in cooperatives * Transparency, reliability

  • Marketing methods
    • Marketing communication in cooperatives
    • Production and marketing relationship
    • Customer focused experience management
    • Creating a brand from local to international
    • Cooperative branding that creates and wins jobs” adapted to cooperatives
    • Simple and understandable Digital marketing e-commerce applications in the light of the most powerful digital transformation applications
    • National and international market finding and distribution channels
    • Finding foreign markets and export applications for cooperative products
    • Effective marketing innovations and sales training
    • Good examples motivate” Good practices in cooperatives

In the EU, America and women’s studies, local products and gastronomy practices * What happened in the cooperatives established in Turkey in the last five years? Problems of success and failure * The most basic success criteria for happy and sustainable cooperatives * Support for cooperatives and project development for cooperatives