Project Management and Implementation

In order to benefit from the support given by the Agencies, you have to prepare your project together with the supporting documents and submit it to the Development Agencies before the application due date.

When you complete your application and on the condition that your submitted documents are correct and complete, your application is evaluated and scored by Independent Assessment Teams.

In case your project receives high score and is considered to be successful, then you are granted with a non-refundable funding support.

Please remember that you can reach the most updated information on Agency Supports from the official web pages of the relevant agencies.

Project Management and Implementation

Expert team of Proked Akademi manages the planning, project designing, implementation and assessment processes that you would need during the accomplishment of your ideas.
Why Should You Work with Professionals?

A good idea can only be converted into a profit if it is well designed as a project. Any idea that is not designed as a project will end up as a waste. Expert team of Proked Akademi manages the planning, project designing, implementation and assessment processes that you would need during the accomplishment of your ideas.

Expert team of Proked Akademi, composed of experienced people who have previously worked in Development Agencies, are ready to conduct all preparations required for your institution or company to benefit from the highest level of support provided by the funding and grant suppliers such as KOSGEB and Development Agencies on national scale and United Nations or European Union on international scale. Any project which has not been prepared by professionals mean money and time loss for you.

Proked Akademi follows the current support announcements issued by the institutions and ensures that you benefit from the most appropriate support. Even if your project is entitled to receive support, failure to carry out administrative procedures in accordance with the relevant legislation may result in getting less funds than the amount you were granted with and in some cases even getting banned from receiving the support. Throughout the project application process, Proked Akademi carries out the preparation of required documents and forms, follow-up of administrative processes and project implementation processes such as tenders, procurement and reporting processes, all in your name. Stakeholder relations management, process and impact analysis of processes managed by your institution or corporate are carried out by our expert team. Proked Akademi expert team evaluates and reports the results of your project, hence contributing to your planning and programming work. The consultancy service provided by Proked Akademi, starting with the designing of the project and lasting until it is actively implemented, consists of the following steps;

  • Running a necessity assessment,
  • Preparing the application form and its attachments,
  • Preparing the supporting documents
  • Preparing the work plan/feasibility report,
  • Preparing the action plan and budget,
  • Preparing the construction application projects when needed (Statics, mechanics, electric, concrete work, etc.),
  • Follow-up of administrative work related to application process,
  • Preparing all information and documents requested by the fund/grant provider,
  • Preparing documents required for the contract,
  • Preparing project progress reports,
  • Preparing interim and final reports,
  • Preparing payment request forms,
  • Preparing, if needed, letter of notification / addendum to finalize the project with success,
  • Preparing project result report.

We guarantee you success with our professional team of former EU and Development Agency employees. If you want your institution or company to receive financial support in order to make your dreams come true, please contact us.

Why Proked Akademi?

Our team consists of experts who, not only train various “Project consultant” throughout Turkey but also have taken active role both in Development Agencies and in preparing the Development Agency legislations.

We support you throughout both project design and project implementation processes.

We do commit to our high-quality service not by “promise” but by signing a solid contract.